BENEMILK® feeds – a Finnish innovation

Benemilk feeds increase milk yield and improve the contents of milk. In addition, new Benemilk feeds improve nutrient utilisation in cow feeding. At the beginning of milking season, Benemilk provides cows with additional energy, which decreases burning of tissue fats. Improved energy balance facilitates fertility and management of milk cell count.

Our feed line, developed on the basis of Raisio's own innovation, has gained strong popularity among producers. With the new product range, it is possible to complement more precisely the nutritional needs of cows with different silages.  All Benemilk feeds have very high energy levels and a strong impact on the volume and composition of milk.

Benemilk product line includes three complete feeds and one semi-concentrate.  The feeds are easily identified on the basis of colour, as colours Black, Red and Blue on the product names relate to the product properties.

Benemilk Black is the strongest feed of the line, designed for challenging use in the feeding of high-yielding cows. In addition to the factors affecting yield and contents of milk, Benemilk Black contains health-promoting ingredients reducing metabolic stress in dairy cows.

Our semi-concentrate Benemilk Amino Black brings the benefits of Benemilk products and positive health effects to the grain feeding of high-yielding cows.

Benemilk Red is a strong feed for reliable yield. It is sufficient even when old silage is used. If the farmer uses high-protein silage or clover silage, Benemilk Blue is the right choice with its lower protein levels. Benemilk Red, strong and high in protein, as well as Benemilk Blue, with lower protein content, both have very high energy levels. They provide the same increase in the contents of milk as our strongest full feed Benemilk Black.

User experiences from more than 1000 farms in Finland

Already more than 600 Finnish farms have used Benemilk Black feeds. Producers say the difference in the milk tank is evident when the ordinary full feed is replaced with Benemilk feed. Milk yield and contents of milk have increased. Milk protein content typically rises by 1-3 tenths of a percent, fat may increase by 3-5 tenths of a percent and, at best, even higher increases have been recorded.

The best response to Benemilk feeds is obtained with full feed feeding, in which the entire concentrated feed portion is produced using the Benemilk method. 

Benemilk – proven efficacy

The feeding test conducted in the research barn of MTT Agrifood Research Finland in Maaninka in spring 2012 showed 2.7 kg higher energy corrected milk yield per cow per day with Benemilk full feed compared to the base period feeding with grain concentrates.  Furthermore, the protein and fat contents also increased. MTT Agrifood Research Finland's results thus confirm scientifically the user experience of Benemilk efficacy. 

The study found no difference in feed consumption between the test groups, so the energy of Benemilk feed was used more effectively for milk formation. At the same time, the energy utilisation improved.

Further information:
Development Manager Merja Holma +358 500 125 769