Raisioagro - a new generation agricultural trader

Raisio Feed Ltd and Raisio's grain trade unit combined into Raisioagro Ltd on 1 January 2012. Raisioagro is now a modern agritrader but still the same familiar and reliable partner as before. In addition to high-quality feeds and expertise in livestock feeding and crop farming, Raisioagro provides producers with a high-quality range of other inputs and farming supplies.


Raisioagro is a competent and reliable Finnish partner and a forerunner. We invest in quality and environmental sustainability. Our focus will remain on feeds, feeding expertise and crop farming. Other inputs and farming supplies complement our services.



Our comprehensive services for producers and farmers are professional and easy to use. All customers have their own contact persons to take care of the farm's needs. As Raisioagro's customer, you have the best experts at your disposal – and Raisioagro has the best producers and farmers as customers.


Raisioagro's feed plants are located in Raisio, Kouvola and Ylivieska, and sales offices in Raisio, Kouvola, Kokkola and Siilinjärvi.


Raisiagro has made feed mixes since 1948 and the company's market position in Finland is approximately 40% in farm feeds and over 50% in fish feeds. Fish and farm feeds are exported to Russia, the Baltic Countries and the CIS countries.