Broiler farming is intensive and very different kinds of properties are required from the feeds. In a short growing period, the slaughter weight set by the slaughterhouse should be achieved economically and the animal welfare must be taken into account. Continuously improving growth ability is challenging for the chicken's intestinal function. Nutrients should digested and be absorbed from the intestine better in order to achieve the economic growth result.

In Raisioagro's phase feeding, the feeds have been optimised according to the broiler's weight development. In addition to the raw materials and nutrient contents used, the production effects are impacted greatly by the processing used in feed production. Raisioagro's broiler feeds are expanded.

The expander treatment guarantees good texture, flowability and hygienic quality of the feed. The expander combined with a long-term conditioning enhances the feed nutrient utilisation and enables the adding of coarsely ground grain or even whole grains. Rougher texture of feed activates the gizzard activity.

Raisioagro's broiler feeds: Emobroiler Prestarter, Emobroiler-Poikas-Herkku, Emobroiler-Kasvatus-Herkku 1-2, Broiler-Esihaudonta-Herkku, Broiler-Haudonta-Herkku 1-2, Kukko-Herkku, Broiler-Herkku 1 - 4, Broiler-Kunto, Broiler-Tuhti.