The development of resistance, immunity, against diseases has become increasingly important as the unit sizes of poultry houses have grown. Moreover, the transfer from cages into alternative production systems is challenging the hen welfare.

So called green growth promoters added to feed (fatty acids, betaine, organic selenium, enzymes) support the development of immunity and ensure both the flock uniformity (low coefficient of variation) and the achievement of target weight set by the breeding companies.

Raisio has a complete product range for laying hens: complete feeds and concentrates as well as starter, grower and laying feeds. Course grinding enhances the utilisation of feeds, which decreases feed costs per kilo of egg. The quality of eggs and manure handling are also improved.

Raisioagro's layer feeds: Poikas-Herkku, Kasvatus-Herkku 1 and 2, Kana-Herkku Aktiivi, Kana-Herkku Profit, Kana-Herkku Seniori, Kasvatustiiviste, Kanatiiviste-Herkku, Munitus-Herkku ja Munitus-Herkku non-GMO.