Have good results with Raisioagro's feeds

The average milk yield for cows in Finland has increased nearly 2,500 kg over the past two decades. Every seventh control herd already reaches the milk production of more than ten tons. The yield increase requires a greater investment in cows' good conditions and in feeding promoting their resilience.

As farms are growing in size, an increasing number of milk producers outsource concentrate feeding to feed factories. Ease of feeding and good animal health are also good reasons to start the use of optimised complete feed.

Feed programme for cattle

Raisioagro's cattle feed programme includes three different product series to meet the objectives of each dairy farm. Benemilk® series aims at high yields and enhanced cow resilience. Pro-Maituri series focuses on good concentrations of the milk. Opti series optimises feeding costs, the amount of work and production efficiency.

A solid solution for higher milk income

Benemilk® feeds raise milk yield and contents of milk to a whole new level. In addition, Benemilk feeds improve nutrient utilisation in cow feeding.