Raw materials and international grain trade

A large number of different raw materials and ingredients are needed in animal feed production. In addition to feeds, farms also need plenty of other inputs. These inputs include products such as plastic wrappings, grass silage and nets for straw bales.  

Raisioagro sources feed raw materials, grains and oilseeds from Finland and abroad. Our business partners in feed raw materials and ingredients are international, well-known and reliable operators. All raw materials and suppliers are carefully selected in order to ensure absolute feed quality and hygiene.

Our trade unit also sources farming supplies directly from manufacturers. Efficient supply chain makes us competitive in input sales.

Raisioagro is the largest grain purchaser in Finland. Furthermore, we focus on international grain trade. We export milling grains, feed grains and malting barley through Finnish ports.


Contact information:

Raw Materials Manager Raimo Rantanen, +358 500 228 652, raimo.rantanen@raisio.com    
Charterer Pirkko Lönnqvist. +358 50 331 9271, pirkko.lonnqvist@raisio.com    
Purchaser Marika Siivola, +358 400 259 929, marika.siivola@raisio.com