Effectiveness, economy, eco-friendliness, experience

The words in the title have guided our feed development work for over three decades. They are all linked to each other since effectiveness is economical and also a starting point for eco-friendliness. We are a clear forerunner in feeds and feeding of so called cold-water species. We started the fish feed production already in 1982 and have reached the leading market position in the Finnish and Russian rainbow trout markets.

Raisioagro was the first to launch several feed solutions developing the fish farming industryespecially in Finland and Russia, such as:

  • high-energy powerfeeds
  • health feeds
  • low-nitrogen feeds
  • low-phosphorus feeds

In terms of eco-friendliness of fish farming, our most significant feed solution is Hercules growth feed launched in 2008.  

We produce feeds for rainbow trout, whitefish, pikeperch and sturgeon. Our rainbow trout feeds are also suitable for brown trout and salmon. For whitefish, we have specifically tailor-made feeds. Our feeds range from the pellet size of 1.7 mm to our largest pellet of 9 mm in diameter.

Our latest area of development includes feeds for different species in the recirculating farming. We already now have ready formulas proven effective for whitefish, pikeperch and sturgeon. Same feeds can be used in the outdoor pool farming of these species.

Our product range for different species is clear and makes your choice easy. With our excellent feeds, we can provide our customers with the best production results. Over the years, we have removed basic feeds aiming only at a low price from our product range.

The policies of our feed development and operations are based on the vantage point with excellent views. Our cooperation with skilful fish farmers, authorities as well as food and environmental experts of the Raisio Group helps us anticipate the changes in local and global food markets. We will react to these changes rapidly also in the future. Our development work for fish farming industry will continue.