Feeds for special fish species and for recirculating farming (whitefish, pikeperch, sturgeon)

As recirculating farming is becoming more and more common, we have developed feeds also for species farmed using this method. We have recirculating feed for whitefish, pikeperch and sturgeon, which are increasingly sold to recirculating farms.

Our feeds for recirculating farming are as follows:

- CIRCUIT SILVER for recirculating farming of whitefish 
CIRCUIT WHITE for recirculating farming of sturgeon and pikeperch

Development work of all our feeds is based on experiments and observations made in practical fish farming.

The aim of the development work has been:
- improvement of water quality
- improvement of pool hygiene
- improved growth with less feed
- better fish health

The companies using Circuit Silver and Circuit White feeds have seen results consistent with the objectives. Both growth and

 feed conversion ratio have improved. Water quality has improved due to the unique nutritional fibre added in our recirculating feeds. With fibres, it is possible to affect the form of feed and fish feces.

Good growth in good conditions

In the recirculating farming, fish grow in optimal conditions throughout the year and farmers are now wondering if the efficiency provided by high-quality feeds is necessary; maybe fish could be grown with lighter nutrition?

Olle Lerche, Raisioagro's R&D Manager in fish feeds, sees the situation differently:

- As conditions are optimal, farmers should tap the full growth potential of fish using as effective feeds as possible. This thought has guided our feed development work. We have made the feeds as effective as possible and the farms should optimise the feeding to suit these feeds. In practice, this means that the use of feed should be minimised. As feeding volumes decrease, the water quality in pools improves.

Proportions of nutrients in natural fish food

As we plan the nutrient base of our feeds, the starting point is always natural fish food. Proportions of nutrients (protein-fat ratio) are set to equal natural fish food but the feeds contain more nutrients than natural food.

Fish is a very important raw material in the feeds (for whitefish and pikeperch). Contents of our recirculating feeds are exceptional compared to other recirculating feeds available. Our feeds do not contain plant proteins that are used to reach the lowest possible price level. This is why the good results from Circuit Silver and Circuit White feeds can be seen quickly in practice.