Feeding tables for rainbow trout

We provide fish farmers with three different feeding tables for rainbow trout. The tables are divided into spring, summer and autumn tables all of which have their own specific features. In the spring table, we have paid attention to the fact that fish have an insatiable appetite due to good conditions. During the hot season, feeding should be clearly restricted, which is shown in the summer table. Through moderate feeding restrictions presented in the autumn table, fish are prepared for the approaching winter.

Thanks to the rapid feed development, feed efficiency has increased dramatically since the beginning of 1990s. The efficiency has been achieved through increased energy level and decreased carbohydrate level as well as through balancing of nutrients to match the needs of fish. Increased efficiency has been included in the recommended feeding doses.  Thus, it may be noted that the dosing guidelines in our feeding tables restrict rather than encourage intensive feeding.

In the guidelines, the amount of feed per 24 hours is given as a percentage for the biomass in the pool. Recommended values change according to the size of fish, season and temperature.

The table values are based on the oxygen level of a minimum of 7 mg in the discharged water. If the oxygen level is lower, the amount of feed should also be lower than those recommended in the tables. It is also worth considering if the feeding is necessary at all because of the poor conditions.

The table values are indicative even though they have been found to be very close to the practical optimal feeding amounts. The values have to be adjusted to the conditions and feeding methods of each farm. The persons conducting the feeding always have the final responsibility for the methods and for the use of these tables.

At each farm, it is important to consider - based on the farm's conditions and historical data - how the tables and feed coefficients are best used.

Ask for the tables from our representatives. They are also available as on our website.