Raisioagro's fish feeds in brief

Vita – fry feeds 

Vita fry feeds are made by an Italian company Veronesi. The feed recipes are ideal for fry and their protein growth. Fish levels in the Vita fry feeds are very high. Pellet sizes are 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm and 1mm. The two first ones are more granular whereas the other two are uniquely formulated micro pellets. 

Hercules 1.7 and 2.5 mm pellets for small fry

Suitable for rainbow trout of around 15-70 grams. Hercules provides growth spurts following the start. The feed aims at the important protein growth in small fry. In the Hercules products, most of this protein is from the fish meal. The products contain special raw materials used in our health package feeds (high in C and E vitamins, beta-glucan and nucleotides), of which you'll find further information under Vital Red. 

Hercules 3.5 mm and 5 mm 

Suitable for rainbow trout of 70-600 grams. As fish increases in size, the energy level in feedrises - without forgetting the importance of protein. Already the pellet size of 3.5 mm contains 20 mg of astaxanthin in accordance with the molecular structure of natural colouring agent (50 mg in pellet size of 5 mm). Early pigmentation saves costs near the slaughtering stage.

Hercules 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm

The flagships of our growth feeds from 125 grams upwards. Phytase enzyme results in the improved digestibility of protein and phosphorus, which enables very low phosphorus levels in the feeds. Because of the good digestibility and high energy level these are really effective growth feeds. They are protein optimised and thus with a low nitrogen content. 50 mg of astaxanthin per kilo. Best-selling feed in Finland and Russia.

Hercules ΩPTI 7 mm and 9 mm for the last growth period 

Hercules ΩPTI is designed for the last growth period of 500 grams (700 – 500g) before harvest. Further information from our representatives


Vital Red special feeds of 3.5 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm

A special feed for fish health, given only periodically. Vital Red feeds include a health package tailored for Raisioagro by DSM, the company producing e.g., vitamins and colouring agents.

The package includes:
- very high vitamin C and E levels
- betaglucan enhancing phagocytic activity
- nucleotides enhancing cell division
- TOP3

5 and 7 mm pellets include phytase enzyme. Vital feeding stages can be conducted starting from the fish size of 70 grams (feed of 3.5 mm).

Feed amount needed for one Vital Red feeding stage is calculated as follows:

- if your fish eat 3.5mm pellets, you'll need Vital Red for initial biomass of 35%.
- if your fish eat 5mm pellets, you'll need Vital Red for initial biomass of 30%.
- if your fish eat 7mm pellets, you'll need Vital Red for initial biomass of 25%.

An example:
At the beginning of Vital Red period, the fish eat 3.5 pellets and there is 10 tons of fish in the pool. The feed amount needed during the Vital Red period is 3.5 tons, which is given to the fish in its entirety. After this, an ordinary feeding is started again.

Hercules Ova brood stock feeds of 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm

Fish farming industry is based on good and healthy brood fish. With Hercules Ova brood stock feeds, it is possible to produce them. Fishmeal is the main protein source of these feeds. The amount of plant-based raw materials has been minimised. The feeds contain large amounts of vitamins, astaxanthin and glucan. The use of brood stock feeds should be started at least a year before spawning time. On special order, we also produce smaller pellet sizes.