Raisioagro, a forerunner

We rely on nature, nature relies on us. This serves as a basis for Raisioagro's R&D of fish feeds. We are a clear forerunner in the environmental matters regarding fish feeds and related innovations in Russia, Finland and why not in the whole world.

The forerunner's position is difficult to measure but easy to evaluate afterwards on the basis of the work done. We have been the first to launch some significant novelties affecting farming efficiency and thus also indirectly the environment. In addition, we have launched innovations directly related to the environment. The work has been done in cooperation with Finnish research institutes and fish farmers.

In 1990s, we launched the first high-energy growth feed, Royal, which reached the magical limit of 30% in fat level. In 1997, with our Royal Plus feeds, the fat level rose well above 30% and at the same time, we started using an amino acid supplement for feeds which significantly decreased the nitrogen levels of feeds.

Our Hercules LP phytase feed launched in 2009 is yet another good example of a significant environmental novelty. We were the first in the world with the phytase innovation in the feeds for large rainbow trout.

Environmentally thinking, the correct use of feeds is also very important. Together with our customers, we have continuously developed feeding guidelines for our products since the 1980s. Today, these feeding instructions are very accurate.

There has been a lot of discussion about the future of fish farming all over the world. The debate focuses on the sustainable development of production methods, to which our feed solutions have already adapted.

Our feed development and operations are based on the vantage point with excellent views. Our cooperation with skilful fish farmers, various authorities and the Raisio Group's food and environmental experts helps us anticipate the changes in Finnish and global food markets. We will react to them rapidly also in the future. Our development work for the fish farming industry will continue.