Silver product range for whitefish

Silver is Raisioagro's product range for whitefish. Nutrient levels and raw materials selected for our feeds are based on long-term research. These feeds have been proven to be very effective.

Silver Pro feeds are more effective than Silver feeds used before. Their protein and fat contents have been increased. This has reduced both the carbohydrate content and the amount of wheat in the feeds. Silver Pro feeds contain a lot of fish and are thus highly digestible. The phosphorus level is still low due to premium quality fish meal.

Our Silver product range starts from 1.7 mm pellet size, which is suitable for whitefish of about 25 grams. Our biggest pellet size in Silver growth feeds is 5 mm. In Russia and Finland, whitefish is grown with 5 mm pellet size to the common slaughter size; bigger pellets are not used in food fish farming.

Silver feeds, meant for the farming of whitefish with white meat, do not contain astaxanthin. However, if the intention is to produce food roe for human consumption, it is recommended to feed the whitefish with feed containing astaxanthin. For this, Silver Ova brood stock feeds are suitable.

Silver Vital – health feeds for whitefish 

Periodically given Silver Vital feeds are based on the recipes of Silver Pro feeds. We add in our feeds the health package tailored for Raisioagro by the company DSM that makes, e.g., vitamins and colouring agents.

The package includes:
- very high vitamin C and E levels
- betaglucan enhancing phagocytic activity
- nucleotides enhancing cell division
- TOP3

The feed amount needed for one Silver Vital feeding period is calculated as follows:

- if your fish eat 2.5mm pellets, you'll need Silver Vital for initial biomass of 35%.
- if your fish eat 3.5mm pellets, you'll need Silver Vital for initial biomass of 30%.
- if your fish eat 5mm pellets, you'll need Silver Vital for initial biomass of 25%.

An example:
At the beginning of Silver Vital period, your fish eat 3.5 pellets and you have 10 tons of fish in the pool. The amount needed is 3.5 tons and it is given to the fish in its entirety. After this, an ordinary feeding is started again.

Silver Ova, brood stock feeds

We also make brood stock feed for whitefish. Silver Ova contains more vitamins and minerals than ordinary whitefish feeds. Moreover, this feed has 80 mg of astaxanthin per kilo. Although the colour does not transfer to the meat of whitefish, it is extremely important for the eggs targeting at fry production. Astaxanthin for example protects fish eggs from UV radiation. Roe containing astaxanthin is clearly more vital than roe without it.  

Silver Ova is available in 7 mm pellet size and also in 5 mm on special order.